Car Service Schedule Comparison

It is understandable that you might be a bit unsure as to which K&M Motor Services car service is best for you. To help you reach a decision, K&M Motor Services have created this checklist which compares the three different services.

Initial Checks

Pre Service ActionsBasicInterimFull
Discuss customer requirements, customer comments
Review vehicle service history and schedule


Engine Inspection, Change Oil & FilterBasicInterimFull
Inspect engine for oil leaks
Inspect engine and gearbox mountings
Drain and change oil
Change oil filter
Inspect Cooling SystemBasicInterimFull
Inspect radiator & radiator cap
Check coolant hoses and clips for leaks, condition
Inspect expansion bottle/tank and cap
Check cooling fan
Check condition and tention of fan/alternator belt
Inspect and top up anti freeze as required
Additional Engine ChecksBasicInterimFull
Inspect condition and tension of auxilliary drive belts
Inspect throttle operation and lubricate as necessary
Replace air filter (Major service only)
Check spark plug replacement schedule and report as appropriate (Replacements at additional cost)
Check timing belt replacement schedule and report as appropriate (Replacements at additional cost)
Inspect air conditioning


Inspect Fuel Filter, Cap and LinesBasicInterimFull
Fuel Cap
Fuel Lines
Check fuel filter replacement schedule and report as appropriate (Replacements at additional cost)


Inspect Exhaust SystemBasicInterimFull
Inspect Exhaust System and Catalyst As Appropriate


Inspect Electrical Components of the VehicleBasicInterimFull
Inspect interior and exterior lights
Inspect warning lights
Inspect battery charge and terminals
Check diesel plug indicator
Inspection of HT leads
Check distributor cap
Check horn

Steering & Suspension

Inspect Steering & Suspension ComponentsBasicInterimFull
Check power steering and top up reservoir as required
Check steering components for wear & corrosion
Check steering rack gaitors condition
Inspect wheel bearings
Inspect shock absorbers
Inspect suspension

Tyres & Wheels

Inspect Tyres Including SpareBasicInterimFull
Inspect tyre specification including age
Inspect tread depth and tyre wear
Inspect tyre pressure
Inspect torque settings


Inspect Vehicle Braking System and Associated PartsBasicInterimFull
Check brake pads for wear or damage*
Check calipers for leaks and security*
Check brake shoes for wear or damage*
Inspect operation of wheel cylinders and report leaks*
Check brake discs/drums for wear, cracks, corrosion, etc
Test and report brake fluid boiling point
Inspect brake hydraulic system
Inspect handbrake
Inspect ABS warning lights
Check brake fluid & replacement schedule
* This check is carried out with the wheel still on the car.

Drive System

Inspect Drive System and Associated FluidsBasicInterimFull
Inspect clutch operation
Inspect driveshaft, joints, gaitors and boots
Inspect and top up clutch, axle oil, transmission or gearbox fluid as required


Inspect Vehicle Windscreens and MirrorsBasicInterimFull
Inspect windscreen wipers and wiper operations (front & rear)
Inspect windscreen washer operation and top up as required
Check windscreen security and cracks
Inspect mirrors (interior and exterior)
Inspect number plate


Check pollen filter replacement schedule and report as appropriate
Lubricate door hinges
Lubricate bonnet hatch
Inspect seat belts (front and rear)


Post Service ActionsBasicInterimFull
Reset vehicle service light as appropriate
Road Test
Stamp service Log Book

 Full - £199.99

Recommended as a yearly service

A comprehensive service for your car with over 60 checks covering all the major componants/parts of your vehicle. We will also replace engine oil, oil filter, screenwash and top up all required fluids as needed.

 Interim - £124.99

Recommended for high milage drivers between annual service.

A detailed service with over 40 checks to the vital parts of your vehicle. We will also replace engine oil, oil filter, screenwash and top up required fluids as needed.

 Basic - £99.99

Recommended every 6000 miles

A crucial service for your engine's well being along with additional vehicle checks. We will replace engine oil and oil filter.

*Please note*

Extra charge for oil over 4L.

Extra charge if your vehicle requires specialist oil or filter's